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We offer many high efficiency products that can save you money on your heating and cooling costs, while also saving other resources. Smart designs and dependable technology maintain your comfort and peace of mind all year long.

Heat Pumps


Efficiently heat and cool your home with this versatile outdoor unit. The Heat Pump provides heat during the cold months of winter OR cool air with air conditioning during the hot months of summer. For greater efficiency a gas heat pump can be paired with an electric indoor furnace to create a Dual Fuel system. Read How a heat pump works



Air Conditioners


Cool down and stay comfortable indoors when the temperatures heats up during the summer. An air conditioner is an efficient and reliable cooling system for your entire home even on the hottest of days. Read How an Air Conditioner works



Gas, Electric & Oil Furnaces


The furnace is an indoor forced air system that will efficiently keep your entire home warm and cozy during the cold months of Fall and Winter. There are many options from the super quiet, super-efficient to basic low cost options to fit ever budget. Read How a furnace works


Electronic Air Cleaners & Filtrations Systems


Clean air is healthy air and the most effective air filtration system in the nation is the AccuCleanTM Whole-Home Air Filtration System. This system can help you protect and improve your health - the AccuCleanTM cleans down to 0.1 Microns, it is 8 times more effective than the best HEPA room appliance and 100 times more effective than a standard throwaway filter or ionic-type room appliance with its standard pre-filter and reusable collection cells – the AccuCleanTM is an added element to achieving true indoor comfort whether you just want your family to breathe clean, fresh air or you have severe indoor allergies or asthma. Read How an accuclean whole home air filtration system works


Air Handlers


Help circulate your heated or cooled air more effectively to every corner of your home with an Air Handler. Call us for more details and information.





Add moisture and comfort to dry indoor air spaces all year long with our quiet and efficient Power Humidifiers.



Comfort Controls, Thermostats


From basic push-button, to 2-color touch-screen, to web based interactive easy to program color screen we have the thermostat to meet your needs. Take control of your comfort and cost with precise temperature control systems.


Forced Air Systems


We will help you determine the best home comfort Forced Air System to meet the needs of your home and family by combining the products and services we offer for maximum efficiency and cost savings.



Dual Fuel Systems


This HYBRID system offers heating and cooling all year long with the benefit of alternating Gas and Electric power sources. The Dual Fuel system delivers exceptional performance by using a heating source that provides its most energy-efficient comfort during moderate heating conditions. As the temperature drops outside, the system automatically switches to your second heating source when that becomes the most economical way to keep your family comfortable.


Air Exchangers


Brings fresh outdoor air into your system – it works by recovering heat and moisture from the exchanged air in the winter, and pre-cooling and dehumidifying incoming air in the summer.




Transfers indoor heat outside, leaving air that is cool, comfortable and conditioned inside.




Tank-less Water Heaters


Today’s improved water heater systems can provide you with endless hot water, on demand in any room on your home.




Ductless Split systems


Ductless heat pumps or “mini-split systems” are an alternative to a forced air system without the need for installing duct work. Because there are no ducts, ductless systems lose less than 5% cooling vs. up to 40% for traditional forced-air systems. These systems are not suited for every home and our reliable and knowledgeable staff can help you determine if a ductless system will meet your needs.


Solar & Geothermal


Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Smoke Detectors


Ultraviolet (UV) Light Sanitation Systems


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